A phased approach

An iterative and phased approach, together with you and the team to develop a concept and a long term strategy.


#1 Research

The initial phase is about learning as much as possible about your business model and target audience.

If you already have data we will start with that. If not we would start to investigate.

We strongly believe in the jobs to be done approach when it comes to uncover the audience motivations, problems and fears. By conducting interviews we discover the jobs where your audience is looking for a solution and your product will 

Results from research will help to determine the actual problem that we can address. But we also learn a lot about the context of your audience. This will help to find the core of your mvp.

#2 Design

based on the findings we define a conceptional and technical design approach for the mvp.

#3 Implementation

Based on available ressources we implement the mvp with your team or even with other external ressources.

The essential task is to create a single path the user can follow within the MVP. A simple 'step by step' product. This approach helps to get the first data.

We build a MVP in short sprint cycles, involving you into the feedback loops.

Usually after 6-8 weeks a MVP is ready for launch.

#4 Review & Measure

But the launch of the MVP is just another starting point. Results get analysed and reviewed to make adaptions and decide on next steps.

We discover the opportunities for improvements and decide on next steps.


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